Moorea - Tahiti Dive Sites

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The best spot for beginners and lessons in the lagoon. On a white sand valley, coral patches with a lot of small coloured fish are waiting for you. A little bit deeper, you will encounter the leopard rays Ballet.


A Moorea Fun Dive exclusivity. An atmosphere dive on a coral wall populated with groupers, black and convict surgeons. The dive finishes on two underwater headlands covered by wonderful corals and sponges. A grandiose site where you will cross black tip sharks, red snappers and schools of surgeon fish.


This dive is only for experienced divers, at a depth of 140 feet. You will admire the magnificent coral giant roses, occupied by many tropical fish. Don’t be surprised if you see some sharks behind a giant rose, you are on Moorea.

 OPONOHU KANYONS A superb underwater scenery made by canyons as far as you can see, what makes an original dive. You will sometimes cross the gracious swim of a turtle, admire the magnificent feathers of the lion fish and shiver in front of the big mouth of the giant moray eels. A 10 feet lemon shark will come to see who visits its territory.


As soon as you arrive on the dive spot, you will be welcomed by a big and very curious napoleon fish, who will maybe follow you in your underwater discovery. Black tip sharks, pipefish, jackfish, giant triggerfish and big moray eels will be your dive buddies.


Another Moorea Fun Dive exclusivity where you won’t meet a lot of divers. You will see schools of eagle rays, jackfish and some white tip sharks. A drift dive where the current can be very strong. And like everywhere on Moorea, you will find the abundance of fish which is the typical feature of this island.


For shark lovers. Photographers take your camera ! This spot is very popular on Moorea for its numerous sharks : black tips, grey sharks, and don’t forget the impressive lemon sharks, who sometimes measure up to 10 feet. And to make you really satisfied, you will encounter many yellow snappers and barracudas


FUN DIVE a novelty, may also be a drift dive with great corals …. lemon sharks, sometimes in groups of more than 6 ….. You’ll be impress, event for thoses of you who are used to dive surrounded by sharks.

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