Polar Pro Snap on Dive Filters review

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Polar Pro Filters is more than enthused about the release of their new Snap-On Dive Filters available for the Go Pro Hero 2 Camera.  This accessory is compatible with the Hero 2 Dive Housing and is designed to enhance the quality of your submerged footage.  Polar Pro offers the filter in a magenta shade as well as a red shade. While the Magenta Snap-On optimizes your footage in green water, the red shade will accomplish the same task in blue and tropical water.  This filter has been in production for many months’ time and after many different mold attempts, color corrections, and durability tests they are excited to unveil this product for GoPro users everywhere.

As a frequent user of the GoPro camera, I have always enjoyed the mobility and polished look that the camera provides.  One of the things I find exciting about this accessory is that it attempts to mimic the GoPro design philosophy. The end result is an acrylic snap on filter that fits snugly around the rectangular dive housing frame. This design gives the users an effortless approach for applying the upgrade to the camera. There is no removal of screws required, as the Snap-On Filter comes as a singular unit that attaches over the front of the lens. Another great thing about the filter is that the removal of the accessory is just as easy as equipping it. The filter offers two release tabs opposite each other on the top and bottom of the long side of the rectangle. Pushing either the top or bottom tab will allow the filter to pop of quickly with minimal effort. The sturdy acrylic offers piece-of-mind as the user will not have to worry about breaking the tabs.

With Polar Pro’s Red Snap On Filter


GoPro Hero2 No Filter

Check out our comparison video:

Polar Pro’s  Snap-On Filter does have a competitor in this market from the company Snake River Prototyping and their creation goes by the name of The Dome. I have spent time with The Dome in order to understand the idea and inspiration behind its design. I feel that while its design is impressive, there are details that that Polar Pro’s product excels in.  For starters, while the Snap-On Filter is attached to the camera, the user is still able to view the LCD screen on the face of the Hero2. The Dome, on the other hand, hinders the user’s ability to see the LCD screen making it impossible to see what mode the camera is shooting in. 

Another important design feature of the Snap-On Filter is that it allows access to the GoPro mode button. The mode button is completely exposed making it easy to switch between modes and control the power settings on the camera, even with diving gloves on. While using The Dome, I found that it was difficult to switch the camera modes because of the way the design encloses the button and attempting this while wearing diving gloves was nearly impossible.

As far as far as the color correcting capabilities, both preform at the same abilities. The Polar Pro snap on filter actually excels in deeper water conditions. Polar Pro wins in the price battle, as their product costs $29.99 while The Dome retails at $83. 

Polar Pro has also informed us of a preliminary launch date for GoPro Hero3 snap on Filters of early January