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Jul 06

Four scuba divers drown in 'Blood Grotto' panic (Italy).

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Four scuba divers drowned during a routine dive to a popular underwater cave system in southern Italy went horribly wrong over the weekend, according to the coast guard.

The group of divers lost their way while trying to find the exit from the "Blood Grotto," a red-walled cave near the tourist port of Palinuro on Italy's southwest coast on Saturday.

The divers became disoriented after kicking up mud and sand from the floor while trying to find a way out -- and instead entered a nearby tunnel which led four of the divers to a dead end, where the coast guard says their bodies were found.

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July 02, 2012|

By Nick Thompson and Gisella Deputato, CNN

Dec 19

Cave Diving – Tips for the Extreme Scuba Diver

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Cave diving is becoming more popular for many divers, and if you’re looking for an entirely new way of discovering underwater habitats, enjoying cave diving can be thrilling. However, it isn’t for the faint hearted or those who have only just begun to dive because the risks and dangers can be higher with this form of diving. This means that you must ensure you have the correct training and are confident in your diving expertise.

If you’ve ever gone wreck diving, then you may be keen to explore even more enclosed water worlds. However, cave diving can be very different from wreck diving. This is largely because, whereas a wreck has sunk within the sea, offers you access to the surface, and is largely in an environment that you’re used to exploring, cave diving is an entirely new world. Here, immediate access to the surface is often not possible, you can be swimming in complete darkness, and water temperatures can plummet.

If you want to cave dive, then you must make sure that you have high dive certifications, and that the dive centers you intend to use have cave diving specialties. It is vital to ensure that your dive guide has undertaken cave dives before, and has the appropriate dive equipment on offer. Dive lights are vital, and on cave dives you’ll normally be required to carry three, long lasting and water resistant lights. It is easy to lose your direction in underwater caves due to the darkness, and have illuminations is vital. Steel oxygen tanks are also required due to the caves inhospitable environment. Unlike open water, where rocks have been eroded by the waves, cave edges can be sharp enough to puncture oxygen tanks. Steel tanks will offer you increased protection, and diving with two tanks will offer you even more safeguards. Meanwhile, wearing an extra thick wetsuit will help keep you warm, whilst a reel can guide your way back to cave entrances should you get lost.

Cave diving can be an extraordinary and thrilling experience, and as long as you have taken steps to protect yourself, can be enjoyed with relative safety. If you’re an experienced open water diver, cave diving offers an entirely new world to explore. And, you soon find that the thrill of cave diving can surpass even open water diving, providing you with the chance to explore caverns and underwater tunnel systems throughout the world.

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